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Set in our beautifully landscaped gardens, Hotel Camiral’s 25-metre pool is the ideal space for relaxing – or exercising. Dive right in and join an invigorating aqua class. Or simply take time to sit and relax, enjoy the views and soak up the poolside ambience.

Length: 25 m / 83 ft Depth: 1.4 m / 4.5 ft Average Temperature Range: 15° to 28° Celsius
Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult while in the swimming pool area.


The Hotel Camiral has a system of water tempering of the pool from geothermal energy.

Tempering means raising the temperature of the water, but without actually heating it. The water of a swimming pool is considered suitable for swimming after 20º. A heated pool (such as the spa) is at a temperature of 33-34 ° C, a tempered temperature is about 24-25 ° C. Our summer pool is at 27/28 degrees.

In times like spring and autumn without making any contribution of heat the water would be to 17-18º, with our efficient system we can extend the bathing season from April to November providing a water temperature between 23-25ºC.

The tempering of the pool is made from geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is a renewable energy, a green and sustainable energy, based on obtaining heat from the earth that exchanges energy with the water of the pool. We spend 6.5 times less energy which would be used by means of a conventional system of tempering (boiler).


For more information or to book a treatment, please talk to a member of our experienced spa team on +34 972 18 10 20 or email wellness@pgacatalunya.com


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