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The province of Girona has a rich cultural offering, and Hotel Camiral is the perfect base for setting off on a cultural tour of the region. Starting with the historic city of Girona just ten minutes away, you can find beautifully preserved medieval villages, fine examples of Romanesque art and architecture, and a rich artistic legacy.

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The Dalí Triangle

The province of Girona is etched with the genius of Salvador Dalí. Born in Figueres (less than an hour from Hotel Camiral), it was in the Empordà region that the surrealist artist discovered his talents. He developed his early and late work here, and it’s where much of his iconic legacy remains. The Dalí Triangle refers to the trio of museums where the artist lived and worked, and which house a large number of his artworks. For a complete tour of the Dalí Triangle, start in Figueres with the Dalí Theatre-Museum. Then head to the coast to the artist’s former home in Portlligat, next to Cadaqués… before returning inland to the village of Púbol and the medieval castle that Dalí bought for his wife, Gala.

Historic Villages

One of Catalunya’s best-preserved medieval towns, the cobbled streets of Besalú are lined with ancient buildings that transport you back in time. The town was declared a national historic-artistic site in 1966, and it’s no surprise. Besalú has a unique Jewish heritage and the old Jewish quarter, with its synagogue and baths, nestles alongside the historic Sant Pere Monastery, and the Sant Vicenç and Sant Martí churches. Pont Vell, the picturesque eleventh-century bridge, is one of the iconic landmarks of the region

Ruins of Empúries
Near the coastal town of L’Escala lies the only archaeological settlement on the Iberian Peninsula with both Greek and Roman remains. Embark on a journey back in time to understand the life of its ancient inhabitants between the 5th century BC and the 3rd century BC – when the Romans abandoned the settlement.

Sant Pere de Rodes
Built at the highest point of El Port de la Selva and overlooking the Cap de Creus National Park, Sant Pere de Rodes is a beautifully preserved Benedictine monastery dating back to the 10th century. It’s one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in the province of Girona. And, built on terraces to adapt to the hilly terrain, one of the most architecturally spectacular.

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