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Ramón Simarro, a Catalan chef

Meet Ramón Simarro, the Catalan chef behind 1477’s gastronomic offering. His wide experience stretches from Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona, to renowned French and Japanese establishments in London. This paved the way for Ramón to open 1477 based on his own philosophy and gastronomic creations. When asked to name his favourite dish from the current menu, he doesn’t skip a beat: “The Creamy Rice with Palamós Prawns. It’s a modern interpretation of a traditional dish, and I love the fact it’s made from locally sourced ingredients”.

1477 Restaurant at Hotel Camiral


With his extensive experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, Ramón Simarro is the master chef behind the gastronomic philosophy of 1477. Born in Barcelona, Ramón’s culinary interest was nurtured by his uncle at the very young age of 6. At his Pastisserie in Lleida, where Ramón used to spend weekends and holidays, his uncle taught the young chef how to bake, with his first real creations coming to shape at the age of 11.

“I used to love making Monas – a traditional Catalán Easter Egg. At the time I imagined my future in pâtisserie”, explains Ramón. But at the age of 17 he decided to follow the professional route, taking a job as a chef in a traditional Catalan Restaurant in Capelladas, in the Catalan countryside. It was here that Ramón built his knowledge of Catalan gastronomy – and that he decided to take one step further.

Three years of studies at Escuela de Hosteleria de Barcelona landed him a post in the kitchen of 3 Michelin-starred Raco de Can Fabes, at the age of 22. The tone was set for his career. He went on to win a Michelin Star at Alkimia in Barcelona, only to decide to take another turn.

“I’d worked with chefs from all over the world and wanted to see more, to experience different types of cuisine”, he recalls. It was that curiosity that took him to the French restaurant Pearl, in London and, one year later to the famous Knightsbridge Japanese Zuma. “It was a fantastic experience. I only knew Japanese food as a customer, and the different ingredients and cooking techniques were a real learning curve”.

Back in Barcelona two years later, Ramón spent the next five years as head chef for Can Magi – the banqueting arm of Alkimia – and opened the famous Fàbrica Moritz, a new gastronomic space celebrating Catalan and international food, boutique beer and wine.

Opening Hotel Camiral’s 1477 Restaurant was the next challenge: “It’s a project with so much credibility in the market, where I can create my own gastronomy with the experience I gained both locally and abroad. Here I truly use all my experience”.

Asked which is his favourite dish from the current menu is, Ramón has no hesitation: “The Creamy Rice with Palamós Prawns. It’s a modern take on a traditional dish, and I particularly like the fact it’s made from locally sourced ingredients”.

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